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NOUMI for Business – Digital Receipts / Marketing / Analytics

Here at NOUMI we have Digital Solutions for all types of business; whether you’re a bricks-and-mortar shop front business, an online retailer, a business based around ticketing, in the Food and Beverage sector, a Fuel Retailer, or a voucher-based business. We’ve developed flexible NOUMI Business solutions to cater for the many different type of consumer businesses that will meet your needs.


Our Solutions – Which NOUMI Digital Solution is right for you?


NOUMI Digital Devices are designed for ‘at counter’ & some Self-Service Kiosk transactions, and are perfect for transitioning your customers away from Paper to Digital Receipts with a clear call-to-action during the transaction process.

NOUMI Cloud Connect services provide Online retailers, App providers, and other automated businesses (for example; EV Charging Points, SSKs, Parking Payment Services, etc) with our cloud-based NOUMI Digital Receipt solution. This service transfers customer receipts directly to the NOUMI Cloud. NOUMI Cloud Connect services are optimal in environments where traditional Receipt Printers are not deployed, and there is no traditional point-of-sale experience.

NOUMI Administrator's Portal

Irrespective of which NOUMI service is best for your business, the NOUMI Administrator’s Portal comes as standard with all of our NOUMI Services, for all NOUMI business users.

The NOUMI Administrator’s Portal energises your business through unique insights, marketing services, and more; enabling you to engage with your customers through the NOUMI App;


NOUMI Business Tools


Digital Receipts / Marketing / Analytics: Irrespective of which NOUMI Service is best for your business, the NOUMI Administrator’s Portal comes as standard with all of our Services for all NOUMI Business Hosts.

Analyse your customers’ anonymised buying data and behaviours, use NOUMI Offers as your dedicated marketing channel to create and upload your own unique Customer Offers to the NOUMI App. Using NOUMI Analytics, see how your Customers react to your tailored offers – generate your own reports to drill down on the exact customer revenue information you want. NOUMI Location gives you the power to promote your business to all NOUMI App Users as a NOUMI-enabled retailers.

Global Viewpoint

View all of your customers buying behaviours. Measure activity and generate your own user-defined custom reporting based on metrics covering product / location / social demographic and much more.

NOUMI Offers

Create your own business campaigns. Target and reach NOUMI App users in your area and drill down with customers that have visited your stores with unique and repeat offers to drive your business forward and increase basket size / average spend.

NOUMI Loyalty

Create your own loyalty programmes. Target your customers through the NOUMI App and generate repeat business through loyalty rewards. Measure your success / hit rates / redemption rates

NOUMI Location

Provide pinpoint Store / Fuel Station / Kiosk geographic information to all NOUMI App users and inform them that you’re a NOUMI-enabled business – excite and entice new and existing customers alike!

NOUMI for Business – Digital Receipts / Marketing / Analytics

Find out more about how to become a NOUMI Retail / Trade Partner, and join the growing NOUMI Paperless Revolution.

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