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NOUMI’s innovative digital solution unlocks the power of your customer data to create a personalised and streamlined service.

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A laptop mockup with the NOUMI Admin Portal
  • | Loyalty
  • | Digital Receipts
  • | Data Capture
  • | Analytics
  • | Offers
  • | Loyalty
  • | Digital Receipts
  • | Data Capture
  • | Analytics
  • | Offers

Plug & Play E-Receipts

Seamless Integration, Instant Results

NOUMI effortlessly connects to your existing PoS system right out of the box. Simply connect the NOUMI device to your PoS till and printer and you're ready to go!

Customers can tap their phone on our device to instantly collect their electronic receipts.

Ditch The QR Codes

Customers want convenience. NOUMI’s tap-and-go approach  streamlines the post-purchase experience to a simple tap, mirroring the ease of contactless payments.

An e-receipt for EG Group collected using the NOUMI app with a summary of the transaction details and a digital copy of the receiptA NOUMI NFC and BLE Contactless Digital Receipt Device

Digital Filing

Goodbye Paper, Hello Efficiency

Securely archive all of your receipts and ETF copies with our GDPR-compliant receipt management software. Ditch the filing cabinets, free up valuable space, and generate insights.

Tailored Offers

Send Offers that Convert

Use receipt data to create hyper-personalised promotions that resonate with your target audience. Push offers to NOUMI’s extensive app users to expand your customer base.

Loyalty Schemes

Smart Digital Loyalty Cards

Generate repeat business and increase customer retention. NOUMI automatically adds loyalty stamps for qualifying purchases making it easier and quicker for you to reward your customers.

Targeted Notifications

Reach the right customers, at the right time

Enhanced notifications revolutionise how you interact with customers. Set up customised alerts to target nearby shoppers, previous visitors, and new customers, bringing them straight to your door.

NOUMI's Retailer Portal

Streamlined Retail Management

The NOUMI Retailer Portal is your control center. Monitor store performance, manage promotions, and access key demographics – all in one place.

NOUMI isn’t just about receipts. It’s a customer insight engine. With every digital receipt collected you can track spending habits, tailor offers, and optimise your entire operation to meet your customers needs more effectively.

A laptop mockup with the NOUMI Admin Portal
  • | Loyalty
  • | Digital Receipts
  • | Data Capture
  • | Analytics
  • | Offers
  • | Loyalty
  • | Digital Receipts
  • | Data Capture
  • | Analytics
  • | Offers

Your Data, Your Way

Business Intelligence Redefined

With your NOUMI subscription, you can choose from our two data options to suit your business needs.

NOUMI Bespoke Analytics Dashboard
Integrate With Your Current BI System
Various sections of the NOUMI Retailer Portal analytics dashboard with key stats, metrics, and charts for businesses

Access advanced analytics directly within your NOUMI Retailer Portal. No additional software needed.

Diagram showing NOUMI App & receipt data feeding into Big Query which can be exported into spreadsheets, the NOUMI admin portal, and OnPrem data to be visualised with Qlik, Looker Studio, and other BI Tools

Seamlessly integrate your NOUMI data into your preferred BI tools for complete flexibility.

Unlock More With Your Data

  • Advanced Customer Expenditure Insights

    Delve into your transaction data, understanding not just how much but on what your customers are spending.

  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring

    Get up-to-the-minute data on your retail operations, from sales trends to offer redemption rates.

  • Offer Performance Insights

    Gain a holistic view of how individual offers are performing, including redemption rates and which stores are leading in offer success.

  • Loyalty Program Insights

    Understand your loyalty program's dynamics - from which stores attract the most loyalty customers to which products are most effective in earning loyalty stamps.

  • Demographic & Expenditure Analysis

    Quantify the financial impact of your promotions by diving deep into who is engaging with your offers and how much they are spending.

  • AI

    With artificial intelligence, get even more out of your analtyics with detailed insights and bespoke offer suggestions.

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