Introducing NOUMI

Collect your NOUMI Digital Receipts at point-of-purchase quickly and conveniently every time you shop using the NOUMI App.

Dispense with paper. Help to save precious natural resources and work together as part of the NOUMI community to help save the planet and reduce harmful emissions.

Save time, collect your receipt using the contactless technology that's already in-built into your smartphone, with NOUMI App!

Find NOUMI-enabled retailers using the NOUMI 'Retailer Locator' App feature.

Get the NOUMI App today – Free to download, Free to use, always.

NOUMI – All your Receipts in ONE APP.

Collect Digital Receipts – Save The Planet

Wave goodbye to lost, crumpled and damaged receipts.

Use in-app NOUMI tools to Search, Share, Add to your Favourites, Refund, and even Print (if you must!) your receipts with NOUMI App.

Export your NOUMI Digital Receipts to other supported Apps, and erase paper from your accounts, expenses and other accounting practices forever. Never take photos of paper receipts again!

NOUMI - All Your Receipts in ONE APP.

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NOUMI Saves You Money £££

We partner with Retailers and Manufacturers to provide you with Exclusive money-saving Offers and Promotions.

Get more offers from the Retailers that you visit, more often, and on the products you buy and/or may be interested in.

See all offers available to you at any time in the 'Offers' section in the NOUMI App.

Want to use your NOUMI offers later ? - Simple - just save and add your Favourite money-saving offers in your 'Favourite Offers' folder.

NOTE: NOUMI Special Offers are NOT available when you collect a paper receipt and are always exclusive within the NOUMI App!

Go Digital. Go NOUMI. Get Offers. Save Money on your shopping.

NOUMI - All Your Receipts in ONE APP.

The Environment

In the UK alone, 11.2 billion paper receipts are generated annually. – Source – Emily Sorenson, Feb 2019.

Sounds crazy? - paper consumption at this level requires in the region of 220,000 Trees, 10.9 billion litres of water, and over 800,000 million barrels of oil in papermill production facilities.

Climate Change is accelerating. Biodiversity is decreasing.

It’s time for a fresh approach. Make the change to Paperless Receipts and a cleaner, more Ecological future. Go Digital. Go NOUMI.


NOUMI is Everywhere !

You can collect your NOUMI Digital Receipts in-APP in many ways:

  • DIGITAL DEVICES: Use the NOUMI App in-store to collect your Digital Receipt at point-of-payment, using the NOUMI Digital Device – when the NOUMI Device’s green LEDs illuminate, place your SmartPhone on it; your Digital Receipt is ready for immediate contactless transfer!
  • ONLINE / WEB PURCHASE SALES: Use your Unique in-App NOUMI ID to collect your Digital Receipt with participating NOUMI-enabled online retailers, rail station kiosks, self service kiosks, bars, restaurants and more…
  • Simply enter your NOUMI ID at the checkout, your NOUMI Receipt / Ticket is immediately transferred into your NOUMI App!