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NOUMI™ is a brand new Patented Wireless Enabled Solution allowing retail customers to collect receipts digitally on our NOUMI™ App.

NOUMI™ allows retail customers to collect and manage their receipts digitally. The transfer of the receipt at the point of sale is quick, convenient, and contact-free.

Once transferred to the customer’s mobile phone the receipt is immediately viewable even without an internet connection.

Receipts are also stored securely in the NOUMI™ cloud repository so that they can be viewed, sorted and managed by the customer at any time. All data is stored in the cloud in a way that ensures only the customer who owns the receipt can view it.

To collect a receipt the customer simply places their mobile phone on the NOUMI™ device.

NOUMI™ also supports the transfer of receipts back to the retailer for refunds and returns.

To Download NOUMI™ App Click here

  • Features / Benefits

    Developed by a globally recognised contactless technology professional the NOUMI™ device incorporates leading design and premium product componentry resulting in market-leading MTBF performance.

    NOUMI™ device is powered by the best electronic components that ensures super-fast transfer of data meaning consumers can collect receipts more efficiently than standard paper receipts.

    NOUMI™ Device MTBF Specification: A minimum of 1,000,000 (1 million) NOUMI™ Digital Receipt read/write transactions per NOUMI™ Digital Receipt Device. (circa 5.5 years based on a given average of 500 NOUMI™ EPOS Transactions per day)

  • Will NOUMI™ work with my EPOS system?

    NOUMI™ is designed as a plug and play solution in order to provide maximum ease in installation with your EPOS estate, at the most efficient cost.

    NOUMI™ device is installed by unplugging the USB connection of the existing receipt printer from the EPOS system and plugging it into the USB host on the NOUMI™ device, the NOUMI™ device is then plugged into the USB output of the EPOS system.

    Both standard and Powered USB are supported.

  • NOUMI™ device is designed and built by world renowned engineers who have applied their wealth of experience to produce NOUMI™ Device which can deliver receipts directly to customers smartphones in matter of seconds.

    Each NOUMI™ Device can deliver millions of receipts and it is not metered meaning the more digital receipts you do the more cost and environmental saving benefits for your business.

    Find out how much your business can save with NOUMI™

    NOUMI™ APP is FREE to download and FREE to use. Receipts are end to end encrypted and stored securely in Google cloud repository and can be accessed anytime using search option located within the app.

    Special offers and cashback are coming soon..

    Click Here To Download NOUMI™ APP

  • Compatibility

    EPOS O/S Compatibility – available now – Windows 7, 10 and 11. EPOS O/S Future Roadmap Compatibility (coming soon) – Google Android, Apple iOS.