About Us

Welcome to NOUMI™, we are grateful you are here.

2018 :

Our Story --> The NOUMI™ journey began in 2018 when our founder Shakir Lincoln; who at the time was working as a Sales Director could not get a required fuel receipt as the receipt printer had broken down.

This experience led to a thought; to digitise receipts, to counter experiences like Shakir experienced, as well as other issues like lost or faded receipts which can impact an individuals’ consumer rights.

Along the way we learnt; some not so fun facts about thermal receipts, and the damage caused by the production of thermal receipts.

Click here to learn about the environmental impact of thermal receipts

2018 to 2019 :

Market Research --> During our market research we spoke to both retailers and consumers, our findings were conclusive; a need for a universal solution, a one size fits all.

Our consumer research found email receipts to be inpractial and hassle, with most consumer stating they felt uneasy sharing email addresses with companies.

2019 to 2022 :

Backed by a conclusive confident market research; we set out to on our development journey, we partnered with renowned globally recognised engineers to create our patented technology.

This journey was full of challenges in developing the NOUMI™ which you know today; and we reached some exciting milestones along the way, such as rewriting the rules around NFC data transfer and the ability to convert receipt data to human readable language which allows NOUMI™ APP users to search receipts by words, dates, numbers located on receipts.

  • Thermal Receipts cannot be recycled. Paper Receipts create 44,000 tonnes of annual waste (UK/EU).
    Source – Hospitality and Catering News, January 2022.

  • Natural Resources Destruction in the US alone .. over 12.4 million trees and 13 billion(bln) gallons of water is consumed each year in the creation of paper receipts, generating 740m kilograms(kgs) of waste and 1.8 billion(bln) kilograms(kgs) of CO2.
    Source – Sarthak Moghe, May 2019.

  • Following extensive NOUMI market research, feedback from audiences in both the Retail and Consumer segments highlighted the need for a universal Digital Receipts solution; that is compatible with all EPOS systems and one app for consumers.

  • NOUMI™ allows retail customers to collect and manage their receipts digitally. The transfer of the receipt at the point of sale is quick, convenient, and contact-free. Once transferred to the customer’s mobile phone the receipt is immediately viewable even without an internet connection.

  • Receipts generated by NOUMI™ are stored securely in the NOUMI cloud, and can be viewed, sorted and managed by the customer at any time with a data connection

  • To collect a receipt the customer simply places their mobile phone on the NOUMI™ Device.

  • NOUMI™ also supports the transfer of receipts back to the retailer for refunds and returns.