NEAP - Program Terms and Conditions:

1. The NOUMI™ Early Adopters Programme (NEAP) runs for a minimum term of 12 months.

2. NOUMI™ will provide a 50% discount on the normal customer subscription rate for the 12 month period for all customers accepted onto NEAP.

3. Customers are invited to register their interest in joining the NEAP by completing this form and submitting it in person, or via email to us at:

4. The Closing Date for all NEAP customer applications is Thursday, 30th June 2022. Applications received after this date may not be accepted.

5. By completing and submitting this form to apply to join NEAP, you are under NO OBLIGATION to join the programme, if accepted.

6. All applications received by NOUMI™ will be confirmed in writing by return email. If your application to join the programme is successful, you will be notified in writing by email on or before Friday 15th July 2022.

7. Participating customers will be accepted onto the NEAP Programme and will commence Proof of Concept testing with full NOUMI™ IT Technical Support for a period of up to 4 weeks. After a maximum period of 4 weeks’ testing has elapsed (from date of commencement of testing), participating customers will be invited to join the NOUMI™ NEAP 50% discounted programme roll-out (discretionary limit of 100 NOUMI™ Devices per customer under this programme applies). Invitation to join the NEAP 50% Discount programme will be on the basis of completion of successful testing and Technical Sign-Off by the customer. If customers do not wish to continue, or testing proves dissatisfactory upon completion of the testing period, customers can end their participation in the programme at this point in writing to NOUMI™ and at no cost. Customers that do wish to proceed and join the programme will be issued with a NOUMI™ 12-month Customer Agreement at 50% Discount which must be returned signed in order to proceed with deployment and acceptance onto the NEAP programme.

8. Participating customers must provide NOUMI™ with a designated Project Lead contact for NOUMI™ deployment.

9. NOUMI™ will provide participating customers with promotional NOUMI™ point of sale and window sticker promotional materials promoting the NOUMI™ APP and the customer's participation in the NOUMI™ Digital Receipts customer offer at NOUMI™ cost.

10. NOUMI™ will provide on-site guidance / training for all customer point-of-sale staff, alongside physical presence to help encourage customers to download the APP and enjoy the benefits of Digital Receipts, during the deployment phase.

11. NOUMI™ will invoice the customer on a monthly basis (at the 50% discounted rate), starting from not before the date of technical sign-off of the live NOUMI™ installation with the customer, for the full 12 month duration of the programme.

12. All NEAP participating customers agree to be the subject of a NOUMI™ case study, if requested, detailing their NOUMI™ deployment experiences. The Case Study will be conducted and written by NOUMI™, and customers provide express consent to all content to be used by NOUMI™ in promotional activities online and elsewhere in our marketing campaigns. All customer case studies will include a brief interview with the customer principle. Case Studies will be shared for proofing with the customer before publishing is finalised and agreed.

13. At the end of the NEAP 12 month period, participating customers will have the choice to:

13(a). Continue with NOUMI™ installed devices providing digital receipts, at a future discounted rate, to be communicated by NOUMI™ no less than 31 days before the expiry date of the NEAP contract date.

13(b). Discontinue with NOUMI™ on the programme end date, after which the customer contract will expire, no further invoices will be raised, and all installed NOUMI™ devices will be de-installed and removed from customer premises.

14. No other NOUMI™ promotional offers can be combined with this offer.